Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zuri Fascht

This weekend was Zuri Fascht, and I was there all weekend: with my coworkers Friday and Saturday night, and also by myself today (Sunday) for a day stroll. It was an amazing time, I just can't find words to describe how special it was, and I am so glad I was a part of it.

From Wikipedia: "Zürifäscht, a triennial public festival featuring music, fireworks set to music, and other attractions throughout the old town. It is the largest public festival in Switzerland, attended by up to 2 million visitors. The next Zürifäscht is scheduled for 2 July to 4, 2010"

Basically, the whole city turns into a giant club 24/7 from Friday night to the wee hours of Monday morning: there are food stands with special dishes from all over the world, arts & crafts, concert stages with various music being performed as well as street musicians, air shows, fireworks, games, etc. You name it. Oh, also, all the World Cup soccer games shown on giant screens throughout the city. People are so happy and cheerful during the Fascht, they dance in the streets, laugh, have drinks, spend time with friends. I just loved it.

Perhaps, Zurich could not speak to me in German, but it definitely talked directly to my heart. And as I was walking down the street just before taking the tram that would take me home, I stopped and listened to a guy playing "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd) on his guitar, and I smiled, because it seemed like he was reading exactly what was on my mind.

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