Monday, June 13, 2011

Exactly How It Is

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I heard this today after a long time, and it dawned on me that this is a pretty darn good summary of the whole thing, from beginning to end.

I quite like the end though, "I just called to say I want you to come back home..."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

International Food Finds

Some more recommendations on cool places from all over the world to eat/drink/hang out, right here in Zurich.

Argentinian: Ojo de Agua.
While taking a little walk in the older part od Zurich, I stumbled upon this little store with a cafe and restaurant, and realized that they had yerba mate for I bought a kilo and I am enjoying it now. I do need to buy another bombilla, because mine is broken...I have since discovered that this little place is actually part of a bigger business, including a restaurant in Paradeplatz.

Israeli/Jewish: Kosher City.
I was not particularly impressed I must say, I was hoping they'd have more variety for what they advertised online, and also I was hoping to find more "Sephardi" rather than "Ashkenazi" food. Nonetheless, I was able to find Osnei Haman (which I made last year from scratch and they came out quite good, but this year I didn't have any time). I also bought kosher ingredients to make potato burekas, gvina levana to make ugat gvina, humous with zaatar.

General Asian: New Asia Market.
Located on Feldstrasse, right next to the office, there is a sister store in Basel as well. It seems operated by Vietnamese people, and there are a lot of Thai products, cool snacks (such as sesame sticks), and various spices and ingredients to make Asian food. I have to go there soon to see if I can find what I need to make Kimchi.

Korean: Yumi Hana.
Situated on a side street of Bahnofstrasse, very close to the Hauptbanhof, it was a gift from heaven. It placated my craving for Korean food which I was carrying for months, and I also bought ginseng tea, soba and udon noodles, soy sauce, and extra-firm tofu.

Moroccan: Maison Blunt.
Exceptional ambiance, outstanding company of my girlfriends, the food was ok. I have been spoiled by much better Moroccan food before, but I would definitely go back for the environment again. Also, it is in one of my top favorite parts of Zurich, the vibrant Kreis 5.

Chinese: Suan Long.
Located in the infamous Langstrasse, I went there on a Friday evening after work, with a large group of friends, and after an apero at Dini Mueter - which deserves a mention of its own, because it is an awesome, awesome bar/cafe with a lot of character and a certain attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed the place and the company, and ate a delicious duck. I definitely recommend it, and will go back again. The evening continued with drinks at the Volkshaus, the "House of the People" (another awesome venue for a chill drink, mingling, and eating a simple but tasty meal) and then on to my first experience at exploring Zurich's reggae scene.

In closing, I know I already mentioned it in another post, but Zeughauskeller is so good that I keep going back! After that first time with my brother and his girl, I went back with all sorts of people and in different circumstances: with guests and friends visiting Zurich, with Swiss friends born and raised in the city, and with foreign friends living here. I tried various dishes, and, last but not least, a passion of mine, veal liver with rosti. Sublime.