Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clubbing in Zurich

Contrary to expectations, I must admit that the Zurich nightlife is amazing. Prior to moving here, I thought I'd find a fairly quiet and laid back city, nothing too exciting, and I was prepared to live with that. What I found, instead, is a vibrant, young, and cosmopolitan city.

Last weekend I had a couple of interesting and fun "excursions" into the Zuercher night, starting from Valmann where I met some random cool people, such as a German-by-birth, Basler-by-choice working for a big pharma company (guess which one), a Polish personal trainer and psychologist, a Slovakian risk manager for an investment bank, an Italian American intellectual property lawyer from Boston, a Dutch wine trader, a chef from Canton Schwyz, and the list continues...

Then my dear friend S.G. came for the weekend, and we had a blast walking around the city, enjoying the very nice and warm weather, eating all kinds of foods, talking about plans for the future. After a nice couple of glasses at D-Vino, we headed for a night of dancing at Amber, and let me tell you...we danced until we couldn't take it anymore, and when we eventually left, we walked into the Zurich night with happy feelings.

Here is a picture of me having a grand time, courtesy of - I am not even going to say how sore I was on Sunday, and then Monday, and then Tuesday (with the added bonus of soreness from the gym!). Today was the first day I was completely OK, but I think it's a fair enough price to pay for such an outstanding time.

Let's leave it at that.

On the other hand, giving the increasingly longer "recovery times" and to quote one of my favorite country music singers, some might say "I ain't as good as I once was"...

In reality, it is all in the brain.