Monday, July 19, 2010

One Month

Last Saturday was exactly a month since I came to Switzerland, and I am shocked about how fast time slipped away. A month ago, the city was exploding with excitement over Zuri Fascht and the World Cup, I was jet lagged and anxious about finding a new apartment, hearing German all the time was a bit weird, and I generally felt "temporary". Now, a month later, many things have happened, and I definitely feel a bit more established.

I would say that the two main factors in determining this newly found feeling have been starting work and finding a permanent home. From the beginning, I immediately liked my new team and the new job. As I mentioned in a prior post, I like to be pushed to reach my limits, and then go beyond, and I can say with certainty that in my current situation I am being challenged every minute of every day. I am trying hard to be the best I can and to exceed expectations: there are great days and difficult days, but my action plan is to be content when things are well, and to never give up when they are rough.

As far as my apartment, well, I just love it. It's my home, and very comfortable, and it just called out my name when I saw it. In a couple of weeks, I will have a housewarming party and will invite my team to come over and have a bite and a glass. I am really looking forward to it, because these are the people I spend most of my days with, and to me it is really important to establish a relationship of confidence and trust which can have a positive impact on our work performance and economic result.

My living room: we took out the ugly painting (soon to be replaced) and I added my silk cushion covers to the pillows on the couch. I have a big glass dining table that sits six people on the other side of the living room. My apartment is loft-like, lots of open spaces, and I love it.

Marilyn - before hanging. I've got a few of those...

Come visit soon!

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