Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tourist and Soccer Weekend

This weekend I decided to take it easy, after I took care of all the urgent stuff last Friday, and I spent some time touring around the city and watching the soccer games. Italy, Switzerland, and the U.S. are all out - doom and gloom - but at least Germany is doing great and Chile and Brazil are in, so we'll see. Sorry also to see Mexico go out, oh well.

I was able to walk around Zurich a bit, and take some good shots of the city. At the same time, at this point I just got here and I feel a bit lonely at times, but I am sure that after the adjustment period and when I find a permanent place and I start work it will be fine.

I need to concentrate on learning German, and also as soon as I am settled I should find a ballroom dance and/or a martial arts studio. I do intent to create a fulfilling community life around me. Tomorrow mom and dad come to visit: I can't wait to see them, and also to eat dad's goodies:)

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